Hello! I’m Melinda – nice to “meet” you, thanks for stopping by.

I help people to DIY WordPress websites and I also design websites. 

Launching a website can be an overwhelming process – my aim is to reduce this stress giving you clear steps to achieve a beautiful and functional website.

I believe that a website is the doorway of opportunity. Cost should NOT stop anyone from building a website and starting a business. 

A website can open a door of opportunity and I want to assist as many people as possible.

Melinda Mifsud

“Slow down, relax – you will have a beauitful and practical website before you know it”

DIY Websites

If you are feeling frustrated building a Website I have many options both free and paid to help you.

Website Planning Workbook

A free workbook sample size, designed to help you plan your website. Spaces to list all the key components of your website such as colour, style, font and pages. Keep all your thoughts organised in this one handy workbook.
I have a selection of website design, maintenance and make-over packages.
I have 2 spots available per month to build websites, contact me to check for availability.


A page to show off my work! Take a look a some of the websites.

I have designed, testimonials from clients I have taught and links to articles I have appeared in.

About me

Hello! I’m Melinda and I am the creator of Plinkit. I have been building and maintaining websites for the past five years. 

I live by the sea on the Sunshine Coast in QLD Australia with my hubby & two sons. I have a huge veggie garden, love gardening, reading and all things tech.

I love working with businesses who are trying to make a differce in the world and helping them bring their ideas and creations to life online

My main focus making a website that works for you. There needs to be a balance between design and function, between time and money. I find a solution that suits you and your business.

Besides knowing WordPress inside out and having a flair for design, I also have both a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and an MBA in Operations Management. 

I know how websites work, I know how a business works and I understand online marketing. 

Have a look around my website & get in touch if you would like to learn more. 

Melinda Mifsud
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