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21 Ways to Improve Your Website

21 ways your website can be improved

To attract more customers and make it easier for them to buy from you


A website is your digital premises – you want your customers to drop in and stay while – not just wander past.  To make it easier for them to stay awhile, create a helpful website, one that helps customers to find what they need.

Your website isn’t really a set and forget project. To get your website working for you you need to be constantly reviewing, adding and improving. There are numerous ways to do this, here are some examples


1. Help your customers find you online.


Does your business name appear in Google when a customer looks for it? If your website hasn’t been set up to integrate with google (search engine optimised) then your customers will find it hard to find you online. Make it easier for them by submitting your website to Google using Google’s free “Google Search Console” Tool


2. Figure out how many people are coming to your website


Do you know how many people are visiting your website each day? How are your customers finding you? Via Google search? Facebook? Instagram? If you know what platforms are working to send visitors to your website, you can focus on those platforms the most. But first, you need to track those visitors – to do this set up a free Google Analytics account and add some tracking code to your website. 

Reviewing the reports that Google gives you will allow you to make better-informed decisions and focus your marketing effort where they are making the most impact.

3. Improve your images


Do you have images of yourself, premises and team? Exchanging a few stock images for REAL photos on your website helps customers understand what you are about and get a real feel for you and your business. Some simple photo’s taken with your own iPhone will make your website look real, increase trustworthiness and allow customers to get to know you that little bit more.

4. Improve your writing


Is the text on your website too long and wordy? Do people need to scroll and scroll to find what they need? Do you have enough information for people to make a decision? Consider:

> Saying less with fewer words

> Clear contact information

> Clear succinct information about what you do

> Adding more subheadings and reducing the number of sentences per paragraph


5. Add a detailed enquiry form


Adding a questionnaire can help you gather more information prior to your clients contacting you. Get your first discussion off to a good start with more detailed information. Here is an example on my website

6. Search bars


Add a search bar so customers can search for the information they can’t easily find. 

After reviewing the terms your visitors are looking for, you may need to add or reorganise information.


7. Blog


A blog is a great way to add extra details about your products and services. Every page you add to your website has the possibility of ranking on Google and becoming a page that attracts new visitors. Think of every web page that you add as an advertisement – the ability to get more clients. 


8. Photo’s of yourself


Do you have enough photos of yourself and your team? Photo’s increase the trustworthiness of your website. People can see that you exist and that you are real. They are a powerful way to increase conversions.

9. Write with your customer in mind


Are you writing about yourself or writing to your customers? Ensure that you are focused on them and their problems. Ensure your website is tailored around their problems and what they need to be solved. Sprinkle a little bit about yourself but focus on the client.

10.Cohesive branding – fonts & colour


Are you using too many fonts and colours? Is there consistency in your design? Perhaps you designed your website yourself and it is now time for a refresh. Choose one font for the heading and one for the body. Have consistent sizes and limit the colours.

11.List your products and prices


Clearly list all your products, services and their pricing. Don’t make people beg for this information or they will just skip over to the next website.

12. Have an easy way for your customers to book or buy things from you


Are there clear ways for your customer to book, buy or sign up for your service? Adding a simple PayPal button or a link to a booking form makes it easy for your future clients to buy now.

13. Answer client questions


Does your website answer your client’s questions? Can you reorganise your menus and pages to make the information as clear as possible? Do you have the basic information available – opening hours, contact information, pricing, 

14. Have all the legal pages


Does your website have the appropriate legal pages? By law, you may be required to have a privacy policy, website terms and conditions and more. Make your website compliant by adding appropriate legal pages. T

15. Make your website accessible


Google describes website accessibility as making a website’s content and functionality available to all people. By auditing your website via googles tools, you can see any area’s you need to improve. A full list of website content accessibility guidelines can be found here.

16. Speed up your website


Is your website speed a turn off for your clients? Your website should load in no more than 3 seconds – adding too many large uncompressed images for example can slow it right down. Simply compressing some old images can shave seconds from a slow website. Audit and review your website’s speed by using tools such as Googles Page Speed Insights or GtMetrix. 

17. Social media feed


Are you active on Instagram? An Instagram social media feed can give your clients a gallery of recent images making your website feel current. This is a great way to add images of yourself and your business without having to invest in expensive photography.

18. Add a “save” buttons for Pinterest


If you have an informational website or a product based store, having a “save” button allows your customer to pin your products to Pinterest. With Pinterest being one of the worlds largest search engines, this is another way for you to attract customers to your website


19. Add a video


Adding a video is a great way to introduce yourself, inject some personality Record an introduction video, upload it to YouTube and embed it on your website. Introduce yourself, your client and your products.

20.Update the year in your footer 


If you have a copyright symbol in your footer – make sure it has the recent year. An outdated year makes your website look unloved and will have your clients wondering if you are still in business.


21. Add testimonials


Do you have recent reviews or testimonials for your clients to read sprinkled throughout your website? It is easy to add a portfolio page or a case study section showcasing the results you have gotten for some of your clients.

Sprinkling testimonials throughout your website increases your reputation and trustworthiness. It helps your clients visualise the results they will get if they purchase from you.


Any one of these items will improve the efficiency of your website.


Work through the list and see what a difference you can make to attracting and converting customers to your website. Make your website work for you.


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