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3 Reasons Website Maintenance is Crucial to Your Success

Website maintenance is important for every business, regardless of size. It does not matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or running an eCommerce store with two products listed on the site. It may sound like a daunting task and one that most people decide to skip. Often business owners see a website as set and forget, much like a printed website. But it isn’t set and forget. Websites require maintenance.

A website needs to be checked regularly to prevent any emerging issues right away. A small problem now can be a big problem later on. Not to mention that businesses with poorly maintained websites with out of date information are taken less seriously by their customers, are less truste and are more likely to drop their search positions in Google,.

Still not convinced? Take a deeper dive into all the compelling reasons you should care about website maintenance. 

Boosts Website Security

Modern websites contain thousands of lines of code and rely on specific software that runs on a server. Hackers can infiltrate these codes when they are not up-to-date and checked up on regularly. As a result, your business could experience significant data loss, and that could be detrimental to your company. 

The good news? This is entirely unavoidable. Website maintenance includes keeping the web hosting server’s software up-to-date and ensuring the site’s software is updated with the latest patches and security releases. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 

You want your website to rank well on search engine results, but if you’re not maintaining it properly, then you can kiss this dream goodbye. For your website to rank, you need to make search engine algorithms prefer you over the competition. Search engines favour websites that are quick, error-free, and well-maintained and updated regularly. 

You may have a SEO strategy in place; however, if there’s no site maintenance, then it’ll all be for nothing. As part of your SEO strategy, take the time to update your website and make sure you serve your customers and search engines fresh content. Make sure your site loads quickly and has no errors at all. With a little effort, you will find your website moving up the rankings of search engine result pages. 

Efficient Backup

You have read or been told stories of companies that  have been compromised due to cyberattacks. This is why we web designers recommended website backups.

Website maintenance includes regular site backups to keep all of your website assets safe and secure. This includes a backup of codes, plugins, designs and content that must be done anytime you update your website. Each time WordPress changes or has an update, performing a backup prior to the update is crucial. 

You should backup your content once every quarter to keep all your files and data safe, no matter what happens. Backups are great contingencies in the event of an attack or a glitch you may face in the future. If you are updating your website more frequently then backup your website more frequently.

Side Note About Hackers

I recently had a client who was hacked. The virus injected into the website meant whenever anyone searched her business on Google and clicked on her website, it was redirected to a spam site. We discovered that the virus had entered her website about 4 weeks prior and silently did nothing until it was confident it hadn’t been detected. Then it activated. This website had been backed up daily for months on end so the security team was able to go back to find the version before the virus entered and restore the website back to that virus free version.

If that customer didn’t have a regular back up, or a maintenance plan then it would have been catastrophic. To reduce your chances of hacking, install 2 factor authentication on both your host and wordpress site. Keep all your plugins up to date, add extra layers of security and keep your website backed up.

Invest in Effective Website Maintenance

Every business, whether big or small, needs to keep its website running smoothly. Website maintenance is the process of keeping your site free of errors to avoid downtime and lost data. So, the moment you finish building your website, it’s time to put on your maintenance hat.

Fortunately, you can hire experts to help you with proper website maintenance. Or, you can learn by yourself! Learn about website maintenance services here at Plinkit. I am based here iin Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, but deal with customers world wide. Let me keep your site optimised and running well, and contact me today!

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