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4 Crucial Principles to Focus on with Your Website Design 

Website design is quite an important part of creating your presence online. Many internet users who will be looking at your business would have to go through these various pages to learn about your brand and see whatever goods and services you’re offering. It’s vital to take this opportunity and spark a great impression on these prospects.

Granted, developing and designing a website isn’t something that can be done with one click. Getting a professional service and providing it with the time and resources to complete your ideal site will be necessary. Luckily, there wouldn’t be a need to conceptualise something from scratch as there are many existing principles that have been pioneered and proven to work.

Here are some of the crucial website design principles to keep in mind amid development:

1) Colour Theory

When it comes to any graphics, colours can usually make or break its design of it. The same applies to a website design, where you need to have a cohesive colour palette that would be harmonious enough overall while highlighting certain icons and inclusions on a page.

Most businesses will usually have Colour Theory covered, using the hues from their brand logo or marketing materials. This can be great when you’re trying to aim for unison among your business’s tools and platforms, but allow a web designer to be strategic in how to utilise it.

2) The Rule Of Thirds

The Rule of Thirds is one of the most common website design principles that you may not be even aware of until you see it in action and make comparisons. Essentially, this adopts how humans will gravitate towards the centre sections of a layout due to visual stimuli.

This web design principle is adopted from rules in photography and picture composition, where an image will be split into three equal parts vertically and horizontally. Just try to imagine a grid over your web design and see whether everything seems to be in the right order.

3) Visual Hierarchy

The positioning and sizing of whatever visuals will be on the website will be quite important to the viewer. If the layout is messy without any sort of arrangement on it, a site visitor wouldn’t be able to figure out what their eyes should focus on.

By incorporating the principle of Visual Hierarchy, you get to help out a person subconsciously figure out which hold the most and least significance. Allow a web designer to arrange everything accordingly. 

4) Typeface Changes

Your website’s Typeface Changes can fall under visual hierarchy, but this focuses more on text rather than media. Be meticulous about the typeface size, font style and whatever effects will be used on them, as they will have to convey the information on your site.

Focus more on readability rather than just making the text look eye-catching or interesting. Apply the same principle of Visual Hierarchy by highlighting more important text with either brighter colour or bigger size.


By being more aware of the website design principles needed for creating a great site, you should be able to come up with an impressive look from the new foundation. Be sure to balance functionality with appearance and get the input of a professional. 

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