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Wordpress Tour

A tour of WordPress

the wordpress platform

Are you confused about what software to build your website on? WordPress is software that is for website creation. Basically that means you use the program WordPress to be able to create a website. But what is WordPress, how does the software work? It’s time for you to take a tour of WordPress and see for yourself.

With a little patience, you can learn how to use WordPress and when you do you have the ability to make changes to your own website. 


why wordpress?

If you own a local business, are a virtual assistant or administration professional, or aspire to be a blogger, knowing how to build your own website is a skill that is worth learning.

WordPress has many options and it can be as technical or simple as you like. There are many WordPress developers who work on the code powering WordPress and also develop the plug ins or extensions that make Worpdress more powerful. There are also many people who design beauitful looking and functioning WordPress sites who have no knowledge of code. 

do you need to know how to code?

Many moons ago, to create a website you would need to learn how to code and you would need to understand many techinical aspects of website creation. Today creating a simple website can be almost as simple as creating a Word document.

A tour of wordpress

There are a few techinical steps which and once those are completed adding website pages is quite simple.

Watch this video for a quick tour of how WordPress looks and how simple it is to create a website page. 

If you are looking at giving WordPress a go, take a look at my article on choosing a domain name and hosting or how to choose a WordPress theme.

Remember, when you are starting out building website, you can make as many mistakes as you like. If your site is backed up then there is no need to worry, your changes can be undone.  Just get out there and have a play, you will be suprised at how you easily your site comes together.

Wordpress tour
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