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Can I make changes to my own website

Can I Make Changes To My Own Website?

Is it easy to make changes to a website?


The first websites were created using code


To make any changes to these websites, an understanding of code was required and you would need a developer to make those changes. Understandably, in those days, most people had no choice but to leave changing their website up to a website developer.



Fast forward to the present day


The majority of the world’s websites are created using WordPress. WordPress is a type of software called content management software. WordPress was designed for both coders and the everyday person to use and modify.

WordPress is one of the platforms available, others you may have heard of include, Wix, Shopify and Weebly. All of these platforms are built with the customer in mind, making them super easy to update and change without the need for a coder.


Behind the scenes – what does a website look like?


After you log on, a  WordPress website looks like this behind the scenes:

WordPress Website Dashboard

There are a number of menu items and area’s that you can make changes to. The menu called “pages” lists all the pages on a website

WordPress Website Page List-2

When you click on a page, it opens and you will see all the images and text. It is simply a matter of replacing the text or images. It can really be as simple as that for minor changes.

Minor Website Changes Include :


– Fixing spelling mistakes or punctuation

– Adding a few sentences

– Replacing an image

– Changing details like opening hours, phone numbers and addresses.


Can I still make changes to my website if it is not a WordPress website?


Yes! Most websites will have the ability for you to log on and make changes. Talk to the person who created your website and ask them for the log on details and information about what platform your website uses. 


Things to consider when changing a website


Bigger changes may affect the style of your website and can result in inconsistencies in the design. This won’t “break” your website but may make it look unprofessional. Other issues you may encounter

– Images need to be compressed. If they aren’t resized then they can slow your website down

– After you make your changes, do these changes look correctly on a mobile phone? Certain tweaks may need to happen to make your website look right on a mobile

– Check your website has a recent backup, just in case you delete something or mess something up, you can easily restore a backup.

– Don’t forget to save your work and publish it!


What if I get stuck or need extra help?


Each website designer has their own tools they use on each website. It is a good idea to get familiar with these plugins, page builders and other tools if you want to continue to maintain your website yourself. 

Each website platform has comprehensive documents to help you. If you can’t work out where to make a change, a simple google can usually give you a good head start.

Some website designers are more than happy to show you update to your website.  I provide all my clients with training notes and offer face to face tutoring. An hour spent with a website designer can save you lots of time and money in the long run.

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