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Customer Reviews for small business

Customer reviews for Small Business

Do you feel awkward asking for reviews?

Reviews are a powerful way of attracting clients and building your reputation – they become your “unpaid sales team” selling and promoting your business for you without you being around.

Customer Reviews can:

> Build trust with your customers
> Improve your reputation
> Help with SEO (Google rankings) and increase your online visibility
> Help customers make their decision more quickly
> Save you time having to convince customers to do business with you

Setting up a regular way of asking for reviews or making it easy for your clients to review you makes good business sense.

There are a number of different platforms that customer reviews can be collected:

You will need to sign up to the platform, create a profile and claim your business. Here are a few to get your started.

If you don’t have a profile set up on those platforms – that is your first step it’s free and easy to do so. 

Then, you need to ask for a review. 

If you feel uncomfortable asking for reviews, then you can make it a little easier by directing them to a page on your website with all the links to your review platforms.

You can set up an email template that you send to each customer with a link to your review page. You can link to this review page on your social media accounts, on your home page, or even create a QR code that your clients can scan and be sent straight to your page. 

An example of my review page:


If you are interested in setting up a review page to easily collect reviews for your business, please contact Melinda for more details.

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