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Essential pages for your website

Essential pages for your first website

What pages you should have on your website?

Essential pages to create for your first WordPress website

Whilst it is important to focus on the design and look of your website, your website has a number of functions. Practicality first, design second. Focus on the purpose of a website. Your website is your digital premises.

"Your website is your digital premises"

Your customers need to be able to find their way around. The most basic functions of every websites is to inform your customers. To help them with their questions. Your website should be able advise your customers:

It also has a few serious tasks that aren’t so obvious, including;

so what website pages should you create?

Google recently released a huge document about how it rates each web page and it strongly highlighted that it considers websites without these pages of a lower standard. This means google will give your website a lower quality score and it will not appear as favourably in search results. Lets look a little closely at what you will need on each of those pages;

This is an obvious one, its the front door to your business. It is (usually) the first page that your visitors will come to, so its important that you showcase all the important things about your business and what you offer on that front page.

An “about me” website page provides information to your visitors about you the human being.

If your visitors can not locate a phone number, location or other key information such as email and social media links, it appears suspicious and reduces the trustworthiness of the website. I have an introductory video on my site

Is it easy to create a website page? Here is a short video showing how to create a page and add content using WordPress.

Other Pages

I’ve covered the home page, about page and contact page.  These are the basic three, but as I always say, there are no concrete rules in website creation. You can create as many pages as you want, here are some other examples.

Website creation is never finalised. As your business evolves your website needs to grow with you. Over time the pages you require will also change, thats the beauty of learning how to do things yourself. You get to experiment and refine as much as you like, as long as you keep those key pages created, you will please your customers and Google!

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