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How to choose a theme for your WordPress website

You have purchased a domain and organised your hosting. What is next? 

Planning your WordPress website is! And choosing a theme for your new site is one of the first steps in getting started.

It is often the the first question after deciding to use WordPress, that is asked. So what is a theme? Is it important and should you spend hours, days or even months worrying about?

It can be quite scary choosing a theme  for your WordPress website. It is such a common question, that in some forums asking “what theme should I use?” is not allowed. 

Theme Selection

I need you to remember that theme choice isn’t permanent – you can change themes as many times as you want. If you download and activate a theme you hate, you can change it in about 5 minutes.

There are so many options. Which one should you choose? How do you know what will suit your website design goals?

what is a wordpress Theme?

A WordPress theme can be likened to the clothes that we wear. A theme dresses your website, it gives it structure, colour and style.

A theme has a big impact on the vibe of your site and the energy can change dramatically from theme to theme.

Theme’s are made by a WordPress developer. Some are free and those that cost are called premium themes. Premium themes usually come with extra featurs and cusomisations and include customer support.

Not all themes are equal, and depending on what type of site you are building, will determine what theme is suitable to you.

The look of a theme is important as are the features that come with the theme. Some come with an inbuilt page builder and not all are compatible with other plugins like the super popular E-commerce store plugin Woo Commerce.

Some are so crammed with features your site may slow down, others are so bare they have very little features, those are perfect for a those of us wanting to have more control over the look of our sites.

What to consider when choosing a theme?

> Collate a checklist of all the features you require, some of these features may include;

> Colours & fonts – some themes have limited options.

> What is the reputation – google your theme and look for reviews and feedback. Is it updated regularly, do users complain? What do they complain about? Is it slow? Are the the theme developers responding to their clients questions?

> Does it include a page builder? Many themes include the use of an inbuilt page builder. This can be useful, or can be restrictive. Some page builders.  A few of the more popular page builders include Divi, Elementor and Beaver Builder.

What menus, structures and sections does it support?

What is the cost? Try a few free themes first until you are a little more experienced. Use WordPress theme filter to narrow down the choices.

Remember a theme can be installed, previewed and then uninstalled if you don’t like it.

Where to buy a theme

You are not limited to the WordPress store to purchase themes. There are a number of online stores devoted to selling themes, many developers have their own stores that sell themes. Here are some of the more popular stores:

Installation steps

How to add a theme in WordPress

Appearance – themes – find the theme you like and clicking on download, then clicking activate. A theme installation takes about 5 minutes to activate and the same to remove. Once you have downloaded a theme, you can do a live preview. This will give you an idea of how it will look on your current site. If you have already added some pages to your site you will now get a feel for how that theme will look on your site. 

Remember a choosing a WordPress theme is like choosing what clothes to wear, you can change it at any time.

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