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How To Create A Favicon For Your Website

How to create a favicon for your website

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a tiny icon that appears on the left hand side of a search bar in a website browser.

Favicon location

why use a favicon

A favicon doesn’t serve any real function other than to give your website that little bit “extra” and makes it look a little more professional and cohesive.

It’s an extra way to cement your brand, another spot to show off your colours and logo and another chance to put your logo in front of your client, hopefully helping them to remember your site.

how to create a favicon

A favicon is just a image file, so what need to create is an image file. You can use your logo, however do note that a favicon is sqaure format while most logos are rectangles. You may need to do some cropping or editting to get the proportions right.

If you have had a logo created for you buy a graphic designer, you can may have already received your logo in a favicon format. If not you can either contact your designer and pay for the favicon version.

If you created your logo yourself, the process is the same for creating the favicon, hop onto canva, photoshop or whatever you use to create digital designs and create a square logo. 

Note that your favicon doesn’t need to be identical to your logo. My favicon is a giant “P” in pink, where my logo is “plinkit” in black. It’s your website so the only rules are those you make!

Once you have created your square logo, download your document and head to this site “favicon generator” 

Favicon’s have the file extension .ico and this favicon generator website is excellent in converting your file to this format. Once you have downloaded your ico favicon file, the next step is to upload your favicon to your WordPress theme. Review your theme’s documentation to find the best place to upload. In most cases it will be under “Appearances” > Site Icon

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