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How to make money with WordPress

How to make money with WordPress

Make money by changing websites

If you are a virtual assistant and looking for ways to increase your income, making changes to other peoples websites can be a lucrative prospect. You may be thinking it’s not possible – that you don’t have the skills, that you don’t know how to code or that it seems way too hard. But if you knew that you could have a consistent stream of income, that you open up a world of extra opportunities. That you can easily  That a lot of the work you do in WordPress is copying and pasting, just like in a Word Document. Just replacing text or adding new text.

Isn’t WordPress just for computer programers and coders?

No! There are many types of professions that use and modify WordPress. Basic websites can be built by anyone with no coding experience required. That’s the whole point of WordPress! It’s for everyone. Therefore is accessible to all people and YOU will be able to use it too. Some people still find it tricky, those who have no interest or ability or no time to make it work. That’s where you can come in, help those business owners and increase your business income at the same time. You can read about some of the services I offer here

What skills do you need to be good at WordPress?


This will come in time, however you need to have a base line confidence in your own abilities. Knowing you can apply your knowledge and have support systems and ways to figure out answers when you don’t have the knowledge and ability to fix any mistakes. 

Research Skills

Are you comfortable researching answers to clients or tech problems. If you can’t figure something are you confident in your ability to research and find the answers?  Many times in the “tech” world it’s all about encountering problems, staying calm under pressures and finding a solution. If you are the type of person that likes to know all the answers from the start this may not be the job for you.

Attention to details

I will admit this is NOT a skill I have. And you don’t need to have all the skills I’ve listed, it is just an overview, some you may have, others you may need to acquire and some you may just not have. That’s ok too.

Like following instructions

Are you comfortable making changes or performing duties that you may not agree with? For example the client asks you to use a dirty brown for heading colour. You think it looks horrible – can you still action this task when you think it is a bad idea?

Good at suggesting ideas

If you are a perfectionist, or just one of those people that can always find a way to improve things, this is a priceless quality for you clients. If you can see ways their website can be improved, maybe it’s mistakes, colours, broken links or just putting a social media feed on their website there are so many opportunities for both you and your clients. 

Like graphic design or the way things look

If you are a visual person, you like fashion, art, interior design or other visual mediums then website design and learning WordPress will be right up your alley. A way to use that natural flair for design to improve the look of all your clients assets. And no you do not have to be a graphic designer or have those skills to be a good designer. Of course it doesn’t hurt but there are many skilled website designers without graphic design qualifications (like me)

Other ways to get better at WordPress


Surround yourself with other VA’s and mentors that you can ask for help when you need it. Contact a website designer – read this article on 

Facebook Groups

Join supportive Facebook groups like mine

There are number of other ways you can get better at WordPress

  • Create your own WordPress website
  • Review other websites
  • Join relevant Facebook groups
  • Build or maintain websites for other people for free
  • Install WordPress on your local pc
  • Read WordPress blogs
  • Review the source code
  • Attend Wordcamps
  • Attend WordPress meetups
  • Read the WordPress Codex
  • Complete a WordPress course
  •  Find a WordPress mentor
  • Watch tutorials on Youtube
  •  Practice Practice PRACTICE

You can get read more about getting better at WordPress here

Remind me again why I should bother leaning WordPress 

  • You can offer SO many extra services once you understand WordPress
  • Almost every business has a website. EVERY business you talk to is a potential customer. You’ll rarely be out of work.
  • There are potential career opportunities – if you have a talent and desire this is the gateway to becoming a designer or website creator. You can earn lot’s more once you enter the world of Website Design 
  • You can work as a team with other Va’s supporting each other and helping each other with all your WordPress ideas. 
  • You will meet many fabulous business, I’ve worked with best selling authors, mega successful oracle card creators, pilates studios, breast cancer charities, power tool companies and wedding planners just to name a few. It’s exciting and super fun work. And because most of your clients are not interested and not good at tech, they are super appreciative of the work you do.

What are you waiting for?

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