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Membership & Online Course


Add an online course or membership portal to your website.

Using your current WordPress website, or starting fresh in Kajabi, add a course to your business.

Adding a course or membership allows you to generate “passive income” and add more value to your customer base as they can have access to a library of your offerings 24/7

Online Course

  • Is usually a set fee, ie $250 to access the course
  • Can be a self-paced course or a more structured set timeline
  • Series of videos, audios and/or worksheets
  • Can be short or long
  • Can be set up for individuals or a group setting
  • Once set up it will be easy for you to maintain or add to
  • Includes training session


  • Is a monthly or annual fee (ie subscription-based)
  • Fresh monthly content is usually added, vs the course which is more set and forget.
  • It will have a library or body of information for the user to browse through
  • Requires more ongoing work, but it has a monthly revenue stream.

Prices start from $1100, depending on the size of your course, what platform you choose.