Website Mini - Makeover

Does your website need updating?

A website freshen up can increase your sales and transform your website from ameture to professional.


Give your website a spring clean!


Tell me your website wish list, I conduct and audit and spend 3 hours freshening up your website.

Just like cleaning out a closest, this mini – makeover will transform your website from dull and ameture to fresh and sparkling.

Every make-over is different and takes 3 hours to do.

Some changes to previous websites have included:

Website #1 – Spiritual Vibe 111

> Added Legal Pages
> Connected her website to google analytics and google search so google can find her site including submitting site index to google
> Fixed her broken payment system
> Add new services & descriptions, removed old services
> Added lots more photo’s
> Added lot’s more testimonials
> Added a footer with links to socials
> Added a live feed to social media for her events
> Removed some pages that had nothing on them (gallery, blog)
> Improved the navigations and links so it flows better for customers
> Added keywords and optimised for SEO
> Changed some key design elements to make the site flow

Website #2

1. Added About page included new wording and pictures
2. Added Contact Page
3. Changed the colours to be the same as logo’s
4. Reworded the home page and added services.
5. Redesigned the home page: New theme, resized the hero image, added headlines, added lots of buttons (call/email etc)
6. Added menu bar (top of page home | about | contact)
7. Added privacy policy & terms and conditions pages
8. Added footer bar (bottom of page terms & conditions | privacy policy | moved copyright notice | added license details)
9. Removed “announcement pop up”
10. Added a cookie notice
11. Set up google analytics and linked your website to it (to start tracking website visitors)
12. Set up Google Search Console, linked your website & submitted your website to google.
13. Added basic SEO (search engine optimization for Google, such as adding keywords) to each page to help with rankings on google. website changes
14. Added new images
15. Add “leave a review” with links section on contact and about page.