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Website Planning Workbook


If you are planning a new website and aren’t sure where to start, this 25 page Website Planning Workbook will get your started. Banish the overwhelm and get clarity around your website.

After completing this workbook, you will be clear on your website colours, fonts, style, functions and much much more.

With plenty of room to brainstorm, scribble and scrapbook, this website plan will help you clearly define your website.

It will help you to work out what you want your website to look like and what you want it to do. These are the two most important questions you need to be answered before creating a website.

Even if you have hired a website designer or already have a website that you want to change, this workbook will help you focus and be more decisive with your website design.

In a handy interactive pdf format, you can print it off as many times as you need to get your plan just right.

Table of Contents


Start Here  My message to you 

#1 – Brainstorm & budget 

#2 – Branding

#3 – Function

#4 – Structure 

#5 – Content 

 #6 – Admin 



Thank-you & Where to from here 


About Plinkit


Plinkit gives people the confidence, skills and resources to create a WordPress website.

I firmly believe that having a website opens a door of opportunity. Anyone can start a small business with little to no cost, just by creating a website. 

I created my business to assist people to learn how to create their own websites at little to no cost. There should be no reason why this isn’t accessible to all people on all budgets. Everyone should be able to make their dream idea a reality.

I hope that your dreams are able to come to life when you launch your website.