Wordpress Audit


You have a WordPress website but you think it could be better and want some feedback on its design and performance.

If you buy this WordPress Audit Package in 48 hours I will review your website based on my personal checklist developed over the past 5 years of auditing websites. I will then provide you with the results of the checklist and provide you with a simple report detailing the areas you can change for the most impact and my list of recommendations for improvement.

The audit covers the following 3 areas:

  1. Design – the “user experience” of your website. How easy it is to navigate and find things. It is visually appealing and consistent?
  2. Performance – Is your website fast, up to date, backed up? Do the links work. Is it doing what it needs to do for your business
  3. Marketing – I will assess, forms, popups, SEO, social links and more.

On purchasing this package I will send you a tutorial showing you how to provide me with viewing access to your website. This way I can access your website without you needing to provide me with your password or administration rights.




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