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Website Hosting

Website hosting is like having a mobile phone plan for your phone. You must have it and different companies have different prices and also have different quality levels. Hosting is simply the computer server your website is stored on and which tells other computers how to display your website.

Expensive vs Cheap Hosting

There are two types of hosting, managed hosting and solo hosting. Think of managed hosting like shared housing. Your website exists on a server with any number of different websites. Some hosts may cram more websites into one space. If one person in the house does the wrong thing (gets a virus for example) it can spread to everyone else.

More expensive hosting is usually solo hosting. You will get a server to yourself, meaning it is faster, safer and performs better. you will also get better service if your website crashes, and have more access to things like notifications if your website goes down, security and free malware removal, regular backups and more. These types of hosting packages can cost anywhere from $30 USD and up. The company I recommend is Kinsta for high-end hosting.

Website Hosting with Plinkit

My website hosting is on a shared server (currently with Siteground). I manage any issues that occur with the host and will liaise with them on your behalf.

This package does not include, backups, security, updates, virus protection or website changes. It also doesn’t include email hosting. For extra levels of protection and website security the website maintenance package is for you.

This price is billed every six months. $300 per year, billed at $150 twice a year.


* GST Inclusive.
$ 150 p/6 months

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