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That’s a wrap

That' a Wrap

Congratulations, your website is now live!

Bookmark this page as it has lot's of information you may need to revisit in the future.

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Website Maintenance & Changes

After your website [WORDPRESS ONLY] is live, it needs to be maintained. This will take a few minutes on a regular basis and prevent it from being hacked. You google drive folder has been updated with a copy of the training notes and your website owners manual.

If you would like me to maintain your website for you, my website maintenance package is $99 per month. You can find all the details here

If I will no longer be maintaining your website, please remove me as a user from your website, the instructions are in the training notes.

Ongoing fees.

If you are using my hosting, you will receive the first 6 months free. Then you will be invoiced as per your signed agreed every six months at $150 per 6 months. Unless you change to a different host before then. You can see my hosting packages here

Website Traffic

You would have received a link to your google analytics account. This can show you how many people are visiting your website and which pages they are looking at. Remember, a website is a tool, it is not a magical bullet for sales. You will still need to drive people to your website using social media, networking etc to get the most benefit out of it. I also conduct one hour mini marketing sessions to help kick start your marketing.

Ongoing Changes & Support

If you require any other changes to your website please reach out. I charge $120p/h  and I can usually make a few basic changes, like adding photos, new sections really quickly.

If you would like to continue expanding your digital presence ,such as optimising for google, getting a consistent presence across all your social media platforms or would like other suggestions on how to grow your online presence, please let me know and I can put together some action steps for your business. 

How to maintain your website

WORDPRESS - How to make changes to your website

WORDPRESS - How to add a blog to your website

SHOPIFY: E-Commerce Instructions

All E-Commerce sites are built on Shopify. Shopify has a comprehensive list of training notes that can be found here. We will cover this in your training session together with any extra information that is specific to your unique website.

SHOPIFY: Adding Products

Shopify Product Information can be found here

SHOPIFY - Orders

Detailed instructions for managing orders can be found here.

Other Shopify Information

There are many different aspects of an E-Commerce store. Here are some other areas you may require support on. Remember if you get stuck at any stage, reach out. I am happy to answer any questions and also provide you with further training if necessary.


Reports & Analytics


Shipping & Delivery

Point of Sale



Thanks again for working with me to bring your site to life. I appreciate the opportunity! Please reach out if you require any further support – Melinda


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