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Website Design for small business in Caloundra

Web Design Caloundra


Web Design for Small Business


If you require a new website then you’re in the right place. I own and run Plinkit, a web design company based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast. I work with small local businesses like you, to create, redesign and improve their websites. 

An effective website is an essential component of a successful business – at its core it is the way you present your business to the world.


Why you need a website


A website is home base, a place your clients can head, to quickly find all the basic information about your business.

Social media such as Instagram and Facebook are great for showcasing recent fun things that your business is doing, but they aren’t always the easiest place to for your clients to find what they need.  

Social media shows the recent posts only, but a good website not only can be arranged so all the information is at your clients fingertips it can also:

> Help you get found online

> Increase the reputation and trustworthiness of your business

> Make it easy for customers to research your business and make a decision

> Make it easy for your customers to book and buy your products and services


Do you feel good about your website?


What do you feel when you hand your business cards out to a customer or when you are at networking event are you comfortable handing out that card? 

Do you feel comfortable knowing people are going to be jumping on your website? Is your website (or lack of a website) supporting your business? Does your website represent you properly?


Your customers want to find this information on your website: 


Not only does your website have to represent you correctly and look great, your customers visit your website to find things out about your business. They may be looking for:

  • Information about your products and services
  • Photo’s of your products services and team
  • Contact information
  • Trading hours
  • Pricing information
  • Ability to subscribe for updates 
  • Answers to other frequently asked questions


A good website will answers these questions 


Your website can list answers to these common enquiries saving your customer and you time. It is good “virtual” customer service. It is making your clients life that little bit easier as they can quickly get answers to their questions.

Not only will it help your customers, having a website will help you be found online through Google – if someone remembers your name and goes online to search for it – they can find you – and that gives you that professional edge and makes your website work for you 24/7.


How to find a web designer that is right for you?


Once you are ready to take the plunge and get or upgrade your website, how do you go about finding a website designer? 

You need to approach it like any other project – what are your goals? What do you want your website to do? 

  • What are the goals for your website?
  • What is your budget?
  • When do you need your website completed by?
  • What information do you want on your website

Just like finding a builder for a house, or choosing a new new hairdressser, you need to work out what you want and what you are willing to spend. At different stages of your business you may be willing and able to spend more than others. 

Owners of a newly started business are often looking for a quick and cheap website. They require the basics and are on a tighter budget. If you have been in business a little longer and have the cash flow to invest in a new website, then you may require more “bells” and whistles”. You might find this article how to find a website designer helpful.


Do you need a local web designer?


No!!  I am web designer based in Caloundra but I service clients all over the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and indeed the world – I have customers in Italy the USA and all throughout Australia. I am happy to meet via zoom or over the phone. Most web designers will work with anyone in any location.


How to get started:


Once you have got a short list of web designers, the next step is to contact them all. Each designer will have a different process, some have a questionnaire, others have a discovery calls. My process is a quick chat – we work out if we area good fit for each other. Does your budget suit my services? Do we have the same time frame in mind? Do you have your web content, images and text etc organised?

If we are both happy, then I will send you a detailed questionnaire which I will follow up with a proposal and contract. Once the contract is signed, a 50% deposit is required and then I get started. This is where the fun begins, we work closely together to decide on your website strategy. 

Depending on the package you have chosen, this could be a quick process to get you a website up and running fast. Or a slower process where we spend time working on an online strategy and the website is part of this. 


The website design process


Once again, this will be different with each designer, however most would include these basic steps

  • Discovery call – meeting to discuss all the requirement in details
  • Supplying content – finalising all text, images and other information, such a legal pages to be on the website
  • Prototyping – a first rough draft of the “look” of the website and a site index listing all the pages
  • Final build
  • Final review and revisions
  • Testing
  • Training and launch

What happens when the web design is completed?


After the website is finished, it doesn’t stop there. You may require basic training which can help you to maintain and extend your website yourself. You may want your web designer to maintain your website for you – this is call website “care” package.

Your designer can also extend your website as your business grows, adding extra modules onto it to make it easier for your client to find you, buy or book with you and to keep increasing your visibility online. Some ideas include:

  • Data analysis and reporting- to increase the visitors to your website and to ensure the visitors are getting the information they need
  • Website and digital marketing strategy – defining how your website continue to work for you to bring you customers. 
  • Process improvement – how can your website make things easier for you? – can it be synchronised with your accounting system for exampl

Your designer can help you launch your website then work with you to keep the momentum going.  You work on what you do best while they come up with strategies to help your business succeed online.

If you are ready to take the next step wit your website then contact me for more information.

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